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Mat Board

Bamboo mat boards (BMB) are produced from woven mats of bamboo that are soaked in adhesive resin and then pressed firmly together in a hot press. They are versatile, durable, flexible, stable, and resistant to pest attacks, extreme climatic conditions, and fire. BMB technology is an innovative approach for producing “eco-friendly” alternative panel products to substitute for timber and help conserve forest resources.

Dynamic Board

Large bamboo poles are cut into strips and stacked with the grain at right angles that are impregnated with low VOC resin and compressed together. The cured resulting board is milled and sanded to give finished panels to manufacture dynamic bamboo boards.They are developed to provide flexible, free-flowing, and multifunctional dimensions to deliver full-scale, mobile room-dividing performance to ensure long life, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Vertical Flooring

Vertical bamboo flooring is a great, eco-friendly alternative to wooden flooring. It is comparable to Oak in strength and durability. Thin strips of bamboo are dried, then bonded together vertically. This creates a narrow and natural-looking grain pattern. The bamboo is shaped into planks and a tongue and groove fitting system are added. Finally, the surface of the planks is coated with protective layers of a sarin lacquer.

Horizontal Flooring

Horizontal bamboo flooring has a wider grain pattern as the strips of bamboo have been glued together horizontally. The bamboo is then compressed under extreme heat and pressure to form solid planks of flooring. It is available in two main colours – natural and carbonised and is a durable and versatile floor covering.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is diligently handcrafted using a combination of contemporary & traditional methods. The handcrafted furniture is treated for termite infestation and finished with a sprayed-on UV-resistant polyurethane for long life and better protection. Added with High-density foam which has a strong cell structure, makes the material highly durable and long-lasting.

Bamboo False Ceiling

The timber bamboo is cut and milled into long strips to manufacture ceiling planks. The strips are then dried and laminated into a single-ply veneer. Several layers are compressed under heat to create a multilayered product – milled into tongue-and-groove planks. Normally, ceiling planks have an added finish to them. They are available in natural colours in matt, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens.

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